The Writer

Just a little about me.  I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.  From mostly any area you can see the beauty of the mountains.  This is where life has been for me. I live in the city of Lynchburg, Virginia. The city of seven hills.  Why am I here you may want to know.  I recently had a tragedy that helped me to make some life changing decisions.  You see in August of 2014 my oldest son was killed by gun violence.

I had wanted to make some changes about living. So after this tragedy I decided that I would.  Not just because of that but, because change is not change until you change.  So I hope that you will read with me as each new chapter unfolds.  Nothing specific and nothing for certain.  Just me and my thoughts that I hope will help encourage, uplift, and just give you something to think about.  Hello, I’m Bmossthewriter.

Giving God Your Leftovers

Food has always been the perfect way to gather people together.  We just came out of the holidays and food was one the main things that bought us together.  Everyone gathered together to pile their plates with our their favorite things.

From grandma’s secret recipe for the sweet potato pie.  To aunties stuffing.  Don’t forget the mac and cheese.  Or the hot buttery rolls. Food, family, and conversation.  What could be better?

After everyone is full, then comes the clean up.  Putting away or giving away everything that’s left.  Packing up plates to go.  Some would say that the leftovers are the best part of the meal.  For another couple of days at least.  We will only have to heat and eat.  Just reach inside the fridge open the container or pull off the foil and have at it.

In about a day maybe two. These leftovers become a thing of the past.  The reminders of what was.  Even though they still maybe good.  We now want something different.  Something new.  We don’t want to throw them out just yet.  They are still good.  Just not good to us.  So we’ll just move them around out of the way for a while.

If we stop and take a look at our lives we will find that there are leftovers.  Somethings that we have not thrown out.  Maybe we think we will want it in a few days.  Or maybe hoping that we will find something to add to it.

We often times give God what’s leftover.  We give him a leftover praise. Or maybe a leftover prayer because we are so tired after a long day. We reach into our spiritual refridgator and pull out a container that has almost become a science project.

Or maybe even go to the freezer to pull out something only to find that it has been freezer burned.  Now we have to throw away the container as well. Why would we want to give God our leftovers.  When He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies.

Next time you want to offer God something.  Open the container and smell it to see if it is worthy to be served to the Master.  If not ask him to clean you out.  Create in you  a clean heart and renew the right spirit within you.  Prepare for Him a praise, prayer, or worship that is worthy to be served to a King.

Leftovers are good but not forever!!!




Customer Service

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that has noticed the decline in good customer service. I was early for an appointment and sat down at a table that belonged to a sub shop. The tables were out side the shop in a public area. I noticed a sign in the corner that read no outside food. Seating for customers only.

My first thought was what happens if I am meeting my friend for lunch. Do I have to eat from your place of business in order to have lunch with my friend. I understand that the business needs seating for their customers but to force someone to eat from your establishment is something else. I got a little nervous because I was sitting at the table.

So I went and ordered a cup of coffee. I sat back down a few more minutes and listened to the workers get ready for the business day. I’m thinking the one lady that opened the shop was in charge.

I listened to the way that she spoke not only to the other workers but to the owner as well. Not biting her tongue she told the owner all she wanted was for everyone to do their job like she had to do hers. Afterimg listening to her rant and rave not caring that I sat listening I wished that I had not even bought the coffee.  You never know who your customer is. So be professional and courteous at all times. Handle you issues in private.

Beauty and The Beast

So I have a lot going on and that is a good thing.  So just wanted to get back to some writing.  I’ve missed it.  Not that I’m not writing.  Just not have been here.  That’s the life of a writer. 
      So let’s talk about Beauty!  If you were asked what beauty looked like would you include yourself?  Why or Why not?  Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So if you are looking in the mirror you should always behold yourself as beautiful.  We often get caught up with what others think.  Or the standard that the magazine has sent. 
      There is a story of Beauty and The Beast.  It was about a man that had been cursed.  Then a young women was sent to him.  She was sent to teach the beast that he must learn to love the best that was in him.  Sometimes we see ourselves as ugly.  That’s the beast.  Our failure.  That’s the beast.  Our short comings.  That’s the beast. 
      You must first learn to love the beast in you.  You can deal with your ugliness or you can stay ugly.  B E A S T that’s how you spell beast.  To remove your ugliness you must get rid of your A.  Always complaining.  Always mad.  Always disagreeing.  Always finding fault.  Always comparing yourself to other.  Always anger. Always finding excuses.  Need I go on? 
      Once you get rid of your A.  You will find that there is nothing left but the BEST!!!!!!!  God sent the Beauty to destroy the Beast so that He could bring out the BEST in YOU.  When we say the opposite of what God says about us.  We are saying that He did not know what he was doing.   It really doesn’t matter who else beholds you as beautiful along as you behold yourself.    Beautiful day!  Beautiful People!  Get rid of the BEAST!!!!!

Laugh At Winter

As you may already know. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Here we have all 4 seasons. It’s winter here now. Not that it’s not winter in other states.

A friend and I were talking about how cold it was. I really don’t do cold well at all. Having 3 boys and a grandson that plays outdoor winter sports didn’t help.

Back to the story.  As we were talking I began to remember the winters when I was young.  The only heat we had was coal and wood.

My mother would keep the house warm through the night by what she called banking the fire. So the next morning she would add kiln to get it burning again.

We slept 4 in a bed. Two at the top and two at the bottom. You dare not move once you got your spot warm because the other spots on the sheet was ICE Cold.

The weight of the blankets caused you not to move as well. Nothing like the ones you find in Macys or J C Penny. Once you were covered up with these blankets there was no moving.

When you woke the next morning. You knew  it was cold if you could see yourself talking. Never fear getting out of bed. You were well clothed. Tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, 2 pair pants of some kind, and socks for your feet.

Well prepared to run from the bed room to living room where the stove was nice and hot. It only took a short time before the heat from the stove burned your pant legs. You would move back a little but not much.

The smell of hot toast with three pats of butter on each piece and oatmeal topped off the winter morning.

If you had school. You washed your face and brushed your teeth. Your bath had been done the night before. You were layered up for school just like for bed. Hat, scarf, gloves, hood. The hood was tied so  tight it left a print on your face.

You waited for the sound of the school bus horn and ran as fast as you could to get inside the warm bus. Just to think back on those times made me laugh. I made it through the coldness of that time.

Have there been cold times that you thought you wouldn’t make it through? Even in thoughs times Jesus covered you. Even if you had to run. You can laugh at the cold of that place because you made it to another warm place.

There are going to be winters in our lives. Some colder than others. Always remember there is warmth in the arms of Jesus. He even left us a comforter. No matter the temperature  He is our warmth. Run as fast as you can and get out of the cold.

It’s Free For Real

I was trying to figure out why no one was trying to get my free offers. It’s not like they don’t know who I am. (Bmossthewriter 🙂 ). It wasn’t hard to get the offer.

God spoke to me and said. I offered them salvation and that is free. No cost to them and they still won’t receive and they say they know me.

We often receive from those that know nothing about us. We are willing to pay for their services and goods. Since we on the subject.  Pattie Pies.

But that which is truly FREE. We won’t go after. There really are only  a few that will take advantage of what you have to give. My gifts are nothing compared to what Jesus gave. Will you go after it! No cost to you.  If you have teceived your gift. Tell someone else about this wonderful offer. It’s Free For Real. #receive your gift of salvation.

Qualifying For The Race

Part 1 Hebrews 12:1. Wherefore seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witness let us lay aside every weight and sin which doth so easily beset us and run with patience the race set before us.

Before you enter any kind of race you must train for it.  The training is not always so that you can win but so you can finish.  Sometimes the opponent is you aganist yourself.

Most times we want to give up because the training is to hard. It’s the traning that gets you to the finish line. We often want the prize but don’t want to train. Any accomplishment takes training of some kind.

Having a good trainer makes the training realist. Make sure you have a reference point. Someone that can encourage you when you think you are stuck.

So let’s get started with the training:

  1. Lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us- Put down with force the burden or hindrance which easily offend you. The thing that has stopped you from qualifying. You counted yourself out even before you tried. You let your emotions get in the way. Pick up the weight. Deal with it. Get on with the race. I’ll see you at the starting line tomorrow.

He’ll take the pain away

I went to the dentist today. Thinking I was only going for a cleaning and to schedule an exaction for later. Not the case at all.

I knew I had two teeth that were pretty bad but I did not realize they would take out three at one time. Yeah I said three. I know. You feel my pain. So the rest of my day should’ve been pretty much about working through the pain. So I thought. Just as I was about to rest as the numbness was wearing off the phone rang.

Really! How can I talk with my mouth still in pain.  When I saw the number there was no way that I was not going to answer.

I ministered to my friend and help to ease her feeling of loneliness, depression, and the feeling of defeat. All with a mouth full of gauze. God used  me  to help take the pain away.  Just like with my teeth some things in our lives have to be extracted so they don’t cause you any more pain.

I may have lost some teeth but they won’t cause me any more pain or infection. Something’s you just need to get rid of.  When I hung up the phone the pain that had started was gone. Another friend called and said she had prayed for the pain not to last. He will take the pain away.

What are you trying to keep that should have been removed a long time ago.