Procrastination definition:  The avoidance of doing a task that need to be accomplished.

I never looked at procrastination as a hinderance to my blessing.  During my quite time of praying and listening.  My question to God was.  What’s causing things not to move?  Or to happen.  It  looks like I’m going backwards instead of forward.

Then the word procrastination came to mind.  My first thought was.  How can I be procrastinating when I don’t have anything to do?  There in lies the problem.  I have a lot of things to do. Those things that I could have been doing just didn’t seem important.  There were other important things that I was praying about.

The other stuff  didn’t seem to matter right now?  I wanted God to answer the prayers that I had been praying.  Then I would do this other stuff.  I just didn’t feel like the things that I was putting off  had anything to do with what I was praying for now.

Boy was I wrong. 😦  The example I’m going to use is my laundry service.  I was so excited when I got the contract.  I would pick the laundry up on a certain day and sometimes do it that same day.  Not later that the next day.  I sometimes had two to three days in between drop offs.

Then the provider started to cut back on the number of bags that she was giving me each week.  So, my attitude was no need for me to be so prompt.  I have plenty of time now that I don’t have as much to do. Instead of getting it done right away.  There were weeks when I was finishing up on the delivery date.

I never looked at procrastination as an enemy.  Why not?  Because we make excuses for it.  I just don’t feel like it right not.  It’s not that much.  I  knew how long I had to return the laundry.  I’d say thing like.  I just don’t feel like walking downstairs today.  It wasn’t as if I had to pack the laundry up.  Drive to the laundry mat.  Wait for the washer and then wait for a dryer.  Nope I just had to walk downstairs and put the clothes in the washer.

It just wasn’t important any more. I would get it done but not with the excitement that I had when I first started.  Now I made excuses.  Excuses for the very blessing that I had asked for.  I had taken the blessing and changed it’s name to procrastination.  I now had no respect for the blessing that I had been given.

In doing this.  I allowed the procrastination to take up space for other blessings.  What if I had done the laundry ahead of time as when I started?  That could have been making room for others to find out about the service.  Because I didn’t respect the blessing.  There was no room for another.

Everything that we have is a blessing.  When we first received the blessing we were excited about it.  Then something happens and the blessing has now become procrastination.  What would happen if we just went ahead and did the things that seem not worth doing?  What if getting them done with the excitement that we started with bought the very blessing that you had been praying for?

What if getting that paperwork done.  Bought the financial blessing that you had been praying for.  What if by cleaning up that area. It bought the peace that you needed.  Or making that phone call changed the outcome of  the decision.  I know  the task seems unimportant right now.

You are wondering what doing this task has to do with what you have been praying for.  Doing the task clears up the space for the blessing.    What if doing the task supplied the need for what you have been praying for.  All because you completed it. The new blessing needs a place just like the ones before it.  Stop avoiding the task.  Your next blessing could be in accomplishing that which you have avoided.

Here’s a challenge to get you started.  5/15/5

  1. Choose 5 things that you need to get done that you have been putting off.

2.  Set your alarm to go off after 15 mins. for each task (1 task 15 mins. no longer)

3.   Do this for 15 days.

At the end of the 5 tasks you would have worked 1 hour and 15 mins.  Accomplishing the very things that you didn’t want to do.  Or things that seem unimportant.

At the end of 15 days look back and see how much you have accomplished and how many new blessings you made room for.








Loving My Friends

I think of all the awesome people that I get to call  friend.  Better than that I’m blessed that they allow me to be a part of their circle.  When  we speak of people as friends how do you position them.  By height, weight, longevity, what they can do for you, whether they agree with you or not.

This caused me to take a look at Jesus and the 12 disciples. Your first thought would be.  Why would Jesus need friends??  How did he go about choosing those that he would consider friends. What was his circle made up of??  Let’s just take a look at his circle.  There was Peter.  Andrew, Phillip, Nathanael, Thomas,  Judas Iscariot, Jude or Thaddeus, James, John, James the lesser, Matthew, Simeon the Zealot, Thomas.

Some of these that were chosen may not be the ones that we would consider friends.  One was a thief and sold him out.  There was another that was more interested in introducing him to the worls as a ruling King instead of a Savior for all.  Then there was one that came from royalty and Jesus said that there was no guile was in him. Guile meaning no dececeitfullness.

There was Thaddeus and Peter.  Both often acting in violence.  Who would have thought that Jesus would have such friends as these?  He did.  Even in that there were still 3 that he kept very close.  Peter, James and John.  Did he choose only these because the rest weren’t good enough?

I think that friendships are based on maturity and not position.  There are those that can only go so far with you.  Does that mean the others are less.  No it just means that they will all be needed at different time.  When Jesus was moving in different levels of ministry he knew that some of them were not ready.

He never made them feel bad about that.  You have to know who to take with you when you are going to different places.  They all may come along because some will be needed in places that others can’t go.  Afterwards remember to go back and get them all.  Jesus did when he was in the garden and some slept while He prayed.  Even the three that were the closest.  Even though we may want someone to go with us.  There are some places you must go alone.

So when I look at the ones I call friends.  I’m thankful for all the differences that they bring.  Also for the distance that each one goes with me.  Even if one of them betrays me.  I know that they will be replaced.

Love my friends.  Check your circle and make sure you have balance.  They are all there for a reason.

Only Part Of What You Need

I often get frustrated with the process of thing.  Motstly because I find myself getting to a certain point in the process and everything seems to stop.  It’s kind of like having cake mix and no frosting.  Peanut butter and no jelly.   I’ll finish writing something, then can’t get it to post or up load.

Even while I’m writing this my tablet wants to keep changing the margin.  I just feel like it’s not meant for me to complete anything without there being something missing.  The frustation is real and I often times want to say just forget it.  The things that I seem to struggle with often look easy for others.  It should be as simple as hitting the button that says down load, up load, send or copy.

Not so for me.  What do you do when you feel like parts are missing and you just can’t get pass it. I have often felt like throwing the computer, phone, or whatever electronic device that I’m using across the room.  That won’t solve anything.  Now I need to go purchase another one.

So I just continue on until I finally stumble onto what it is I need.  It takes me a while but I finally get it down.  If I had my way and the money I would hire someone to do all the technology stuff.  Since I don’t.  I’ll just stop take a deep breathe and try again another time.

Life can often feel like you only have part of what you need most times.  You will get to a place where you think it’s not worth it.  Don’t give up.  All of the pieces are there and they will come together.  Pretty soon you’ll have the jelly and the frosting.  Until then, bake the cake anyway.  Have just a peanut butter sandwhich.

When the other parts that you need come together it will make the finish that much more sweeter.

Don’t Relaspe

Heard God say this morning Don’t Relapse!

You would think this is only for drugs or alcohol.  No!  Relaspe speaks to a lot of areas in our life.  Relaspe means to go back to,  fall back in a former state or pratice.  You can relaspe in your thoughts.  Back into an old relationship, spending habits, eating habits, low self esteem, sexual habits.  Stay focus! Don’t go back to your old thoughts, old places, old people. A friend of mine said the best way to beat the drug is to not pick it up! All old things have passed away and everything has  become new.#movefoward

#don’t pickitup#bmossthewriter

Flat Tire


Just a thought about change. Let’s look at it from the point of a flat tire. Just like in life you’re moving right along and you have a blow out. Or maybe you look one day and the tire is just flat. Both of these things could have happened without warning. Are you going to just complain about the situation or do you go ahead and change the tire. Your complaining will not Change the fact that the tire needs to be Changed. Something’s in life are Blow Outs and something’s Just Go Flat. Regardless of how it happened you still need to Change The Tire. You won’t be able to go anywhere until you Change it. Remember Change Is Not Change Until You Change. A car can not move with just three wheels. It needs the fourth one. Just like Change can’t happen without God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. You need to let them change you so you can move to Greater. Your are the fourth wheel.

Be A Priority

Think about this:
At some point you should want to be a priority and not a choice. A choice says there are to many options. Priority says there is no other option. Be somebodies priority.

Please Get Up!


No! No! No! Not again today! Get up! I’m need you to get it together. Not another day in your pajamas. Not another day sitting with a box of tissue. Not another day of you finding someone to complain to. You’re about to change this thing. Nothing Is changing. Thats because you haven’t changed anything. You haven’t changed your clothes, your mind, your talk, your attiude, your thoughts, nothing! I know first hand that Depression is real. How do you think suicide happens. Deep Depression. I beg you to get up. It’s not easy. You have to try. Get out of that room. Open the curtains. Wash your face. It will make a difference. Please check on your friends and family members. They are not just sad. There is a weight that they can’t seem to get off them. They need you. Please don’t ignore them. There is a difference in Depression and complaining. If you listen you will hear the difference. If you don’t feel like you can help them have them contact me. I’m here. Please Share. If you have never dealt with it you don’t know. #bmossthewriter

The Writer

Just a little about me.  I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.  From mostly any area you can see the beauty of the mountains.  This is where life has been for me. I live in the city of Lynchburg, Virginia. The city of seven hills.  Why am I here you may want to know.  I recently had a tragedy that helped me to make some life changing decisions.  You see in August of 2014 my oldest son was killed by gun violence.

I had wanted to make some changes about living. So after this tragedy I decided that I would.  Not just because of that but, because change is not change until you change.  So I hope that you will read with me as each new chapter unfolds.  Nothing specific and nothing for certain.  Just me and my thoughts that I hope will help encourage, uplift, and just give you something to think about.  Hello, I’m Bmossthewriter.

Giving God Your Leftovers

Food has always been the perfect way to gather people together.  We just came out of the holidays and food was one the main things that bought us together.  Everyone gathered together to pile their plates with our their favorite things.

From grandma’s secret recipe for the sweet potato pie.  To aunties stuffing.  Don’t forget the mac and cheese.  Or the hot buttery rolls. Food, family, and conversation.  What could be better?

After everyone is full, then comes the clean up.  Putting away or giving away everything that’s left.  Packing up plates to go.  Some would say that the leftovers are the best part of the meal.  For another couple of days at least.  We will only have to heat and eat.  Just reach inside the fridge open the container or pull off the foil and have at it.

In about a day maybe two. These leftovers become a thing of the past.  The reminders of what was.  Even though they still maybe good.  We now want something different.  Something new.  We don’t want to throw them out just yet.  They are still good.  Just not good to us.  So we’ll just move them around out of the way for a while.

If we stop and take a look at our lives we will find that there are leftovers.  Somethings that we have not thrown out.  Maybe we think we will want it in a few days.  Or maybe hoping that we will find something to add to it.

We often times give God what’s leftover.  We give him a leftover praise. Or maybe a leftover prayer because we are so tired after a long day. We reach into our spiritual refridgator and pull out a container that has almost become a science project.

Or maybe even go to the freezer to pull out something only to find that it has been freezer burned.  Now we have to throw away the container as well. Why would we want to give God our leftovers.  When He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies.

Next time you want to offer God something.  Open the container and smell it to see if it is worthy to be served to the Master.  If not ask him to clean you out.  Create in you  a clean heart and renew the right spirit within you.  Prepare for Him a praise, prayer, or worship that is worthy to be served to a King.

Leftovers are good but not forever!!!




Customer Service

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that has noticed the decline in good customer service. I was early for an appointment and sat down at a table that belonged to a sub shop. The tables were out side the shop in a public area. I noticed a sign in the corner that read no outside food. Seating for customers only.

My first thought was what happens if I am meeting my friend for lunch. Do I have to eat from your place of business in order to have lunch with my friend. I understand that the business needs seating for their customers but to force someone to eat from your establishment is something else. I got a little nervous because I was sitting at the table.

So I went and ordered a cup of coffee. I sat back down a few more minutes and listened to the workers get ready for the business day. I’m thinking the one lady that opened the shop was in charge.

I listened to the way that she spoke not only to the other workers but to the owner as well. Not biting her tongue she told the owner all she wanted was for everyone to do their job like she had to do hers. Afterimg listening to her rant and rave not caring that I sat listening I wished that I had not even bought the coffee.  You never know who your customer is. So be professional and courteous at all times. Handle you issues in private.